Spearhead Innovations (Solutions)

May it be a concerted effort to transforming your brand in China, or taking your products or services into the mobile arena, or integrating your web store seamlessly with your Enterprise Resource Planning platform, we coined each such move as a unique ground-breaking spearhead exercise - an initiative that Portal Phenom prides herself in bringing the best industry elites together as a cohesive glue of working mechanics, to achieve that end of yours.

Taking the risk out of deploying innovative lab solutions in the context of any businesses, Portal Phenom has transformed and tripled sales revenue from exemplaray case studies, doubled manufacturing capacities with existing resources and help set new benchmarks with an array of leading-edge, advanced solutions that you may not have imagined possible.

At Portal Phenom,  we interpret each spearhead innovations as that catalyst to transform a growing business into a giant.


Delivery Time Frame 

Typical Project Duration - 16 to 18 weeks

 Typical Solution Contract Duration - 8 to 12 months 


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