Information Security Audits (Solutions)

An information infrastructure is only as good as to how well its protected and policed. Sporadic incidents of data corruption, lost of information repository are more often orchestrated and triggered both internally and externally, beyond the scope of most IT departments. At Portal Phenom, we drive the audits with established tools utilized by the world's best class of ethic hackers and security specialists, to bring closure and security action plans that permanently address each security fall-through your organization faces.

We advice your technical teams in delivering a long-term security intrusion and detection strategy, and ensure a stronger degree of data integrity and availability in your data clouds. We provide leadership to your corporate governance with alternative address to software license compliance and adopting an open software architecture model.

  • Security Audit Architecture Formation
  • Security Spiders Deployment and Overwatch Strategy
  • Comprehensive Audit Reporting and Review
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Best-in-class Security Reference Database Availability
  • Security Appliance Vendor Qualification and Selection


Delivery Time Frame 

Typical Project Duration - 2 to 4 weeks

Typical Advisory Contract Duration - Once every 6 months


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  • (65) 6774-2418