Collaboration Platform (Solutions)

Team collaboration is ever more critical in this information age, amidst the challenge to accommodate the evolving habits of mobile project members in a cross-geography work boundary. Not only must this suitable platform be secure and cost effective, it is often our understanding that the same selected platform must integrate to the clients' existing financial fabric of the organization. 

At Portal Phenom, we take the guess work out of the slew of vendors who claim to offer everything, and provide our clients with what will realistic work for them, delivering that turn-key solution that just work, and that just clicks with your organization. 

  • Work Packages
  • Wiki Repository
  • Document Vault 
  • Meetings Provisioning
  • Time and Cost Pegging
  • Digital Story Card and Backlogs Support
  • New and Forum
  • Timeline Management


Delivery Time Frame 

Typical Project Duration - 10 to 12 weeks

Typical Advisory Contract Duration - 3 to 6 months


  • The Franklin, 3 Science Park Drive #02-12/25, Singapore 118223
  • (65) 6774-2418