If you ever wanted to remove all the annoying default applications that comes with Microsoft Windows 10, you are not alone. They are oftentimes more distracting than being useful. To remove them, all you ever need to do is to open up the Powershell application as an administrator, and issue to following commands to remove them permanently!

With web anonymity as fast becoming a key focus area these days, most, if not every, of our web browsing trails are today exposed to both our ISPs and web hosts. Our preferences, data and web bookmarks are constantly being tracked and communicated. Cyber attacks all begin with a simple leverage of the above information.

One very basic countermeasure that we recommend, however, would be to utilise a new generation of anonymous web browser like TOR to establish your very first, free defence against the above, and your privacy.

The TOR browser is available as a free download [here]. 

With Apple iTunes originally being the only platform tool to import your favourite ebooks onto your iOS devices, the latest iTunes application has quietly disallowed this feature via the "Add to Library" menu command. Some has resorted to sending them across via an email but if you own a Mac, there's still a much easier way to accomplish this.

All you need to do now is to first open that ebook with your iBooks application on your Mac, before switching back to iTunes to see it automatically appearing on your books library for sync!

Ever since Blackberry 10.3.2, Blackberry has followed Apple in removing flash support on their Blackberry devices, prompting many user no longer having the ability to view flash content on their devices.

But the good news is that you can still do so if you are willing to install a copy of Adobe Flash Player and a Dolphin Web Browser (via the built-in Amazon Appstore)!

The order of install will be to install Adobe Flash Player APK first prior to setting up the Dolphin web browser on the device. Ensure that the Flash player within the browser has it set to "Always on".

Ever wonder how you would have an instant preview of your document in your Windows PC, just like Mac OS X? Simply navigate to the view option pane and uncheck "Always show icon, never thumbnails".

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