Assets Agility (Strategy)

The ability of an organisation to mobilise her work force in the face of new challenges in a global economy - a capability that a minority of organisations possess today, and many less who has only begin to explore its potential. Asset agility is a collective benchmark identified as a strong advantage to not only being able to quantify her human resource capability but to also be able to redeploy them in an organization in short notices, so as to achieve total business agility.

At Portal Phenom, we have assisted our worldwide clients to make effective yet maintainable measure to gain this agility, while assuring them of a new positive culture that rewards on each tangible performance and results. Inter-departments collaboration, team synergy and process automation are but a few deliveries worth a quick mention.

  • Renumeration versus delivery mapping
  • Scope Relevance and gap analysis
  • Corporate product and service relevance study
  • Team competency training platform setup and management
  • Team goal and reward matrix setup


Delivery Time Frame 

Typical Project Duration - 10 to 12 weeks

Typical Advisory Contract Duration - 3 to 6 months 


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