Legacy Transition (Advisory)

Most leading businesses engaged us with an extensive list of legacy systems, culture and technical encumbrances, in hope they can out-transform efficiently to stay relevant. In delivering the approach to execute these renewals, their technology departments can remain focused in ensuring uninterrupted business operations, while obtaining peace of mind with each transition from the past.

  • Appointed third-party Vendor Liaison
  • Obsolescence Radar Platform
  • Lean Technology Infrastructure
  • Future Transition Management
  • Total Transition Path Planning

Application renewal is not simply a technology challenge but a business imperative. By extending the business life of current IT assets, application renewal has the potential to increase a company's agility, decrease costs and reduce risks—solid support for the journey toward high performance. Portal Phenom Application Renewal is a technology-independent, dedicated business that transforms enterprises and harvests the value of their existing applications through the use of our industrialized assets, specialized skills and global delivery capability. With the goal of enhancing IT flexibility, Portal Phenom services include remediation, replatforming and migration.


Delivery Time Frame

Typical Project Duration - 3 to 4 weeks

Typical Advisory Contract Duration - 6 to 12 months


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