Information Technology (Advisory)

The relevance of today's business is both fused with an organization's ability to apply an ideal delivery tempo to her product and service offerings for her clients and do so in the required time frame. This critical characteristic is often acquired with a continuous application cycle of utilizing a real-time information technology "micro-cells" fabric that can dynamically adapts to an evolving business goal.

At Portal Phenom, we help you create that technology fabric that the most admired companies in the world utilizes, while training your technology departments to competently manage it.

  • Legacy-to-cloud Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Centralized Virtual Client Management
  • Web Portal Leverage and Business Integration
  • Business Process Automation Master Planning
  • Total Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Leasing Management
  • Technology Blueprint Formation
  • Team Competency Assessment and Scoping

Portal Phenom research indicates that high-performance businesses view IT as a strategic asset—a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage. Our Strategic IT Effectiveness (SITE) experts help top management adopt that mindset and achieve greater business value from IT. We have a clear perspective: IT is not merely a cost but a critical contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance. Our professionals are experienced with bold, value-creating approaches to IT, bringing boardroom-relevant criteria to IT investments and helping high-performance businesses to "think bigger" about IT's ability to improve operating results. 


Delivery Time Frame 

Typical Project Duration - 4 to 6 weeks

Typical Advisory Contract Duration - 3 to 6 months


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